9/11 RIDE of HOPE

ASENZ Athletic is proud to be the apparel partner for 9/11 RIDE of HOPE.

A little about our connection to the First Responder Community.

Our owner is a veteran of 25 years in the fire service, and a lifetime of connection to first responders. 

Beginning in 1971, Allen was in and around the fire station with his Uncle Rick, who was then a young firefighter, to joining as a volunteer at 16, joining the USAF Reserves as a firefighter in 1986, and a career in the Federal Fire Service beginning in 1987, and concluding with an injury in 2011, leading to retirement in 2012.

He has a long history with 9/11 related causes, and has spent the better part of the last decade working to bring attention to not only our 9/11 community, but the health issues of all first responders. 

A portion of proceeds will go directly to: http://voicesofsept11.org/ please take a moment and go to their website to see why we are supporting them this year.

To all our brothers and sisters out there...


Lt. Wahlstrom - DoD Fire (Ret)